50+ Rabbit Couples Names!

pairs of rabbits

Picking names for our pets is one of the most challenging tasks as a pet owner. It’s bad enough when you have to pick out one name, let alone two – and forget it if you want the names to be cohesive. 

General Tips For Choosing Pairs Of Rabbit Names     

Are you in the market for two bouncing bunnies and would love nothing more than for them to be dynamic duo? Here are 50+ Rabbit Names best used for a couple!

Does my rabbit even care what their name is? Probably not, never heard a complaint before.

 This name is a word you’re going to say quite often followed by lots of positive encouragement, praise, treats and positive experiences. Picking a word that is perhaps unique to your daily language would be the best. Lets say, you want to name you rabbit after your best friend Hannah who comes over multiple times a week. When you yell “Hannah” excitedly when your best friend comes flying through the door, your pet will be a little confused when they aren’t the one receiving hugs and kisses .

Can my rabbits have names that sound the same? Depends…

Let’s say you name your bunnies Anna and Hannah. These names are blindly similar and greeting both rabbits every morning using these names to address them, probably won’t be too confusing for them (or you).

However, if you plan on trying your hand in some rabbit training, I would make sure these sessions are separate and you attempt training individually – especially if you’ll be using their name before the command or cue. Attempting to do these commands while the bunnies are together may pose an even more challenging task. So I would try to think ahead to the future. If you won’t be asking much from your bunnies besides companionship and cuddles, you can probably get away with a duo name that sounds similar.

On the other hand, if you’d like to try your hand in jumping through hops and tricks of sorts, it’s best to use names that don’t sound too similar so training doesn’t get lost in translation. 

The other thing to keep in mind for all those rabbit training gurus out there – choosing a name that sounds similar to a command. For example, teaching your rabbit “Jump” may sound very similar to “Thump” (short for Thumper). You can see how this could be confusing.

The same thing goes for words you may reserve for when your troublesome bunny gets into the power cords and you yell “No”. Well poor “Joe”, may just think you are very aggressively calling his name. In contrast, your greeting “Joe!”, may sound similar to “No!” – which can also be undesirable. So yes you can pick any name you’d like, just don’t make the English language harder for your furry friend to understand! 

Cliché Couple Names 

Rocky Bullwinkle

Cartoon Couple Names

PopeyeOlive Oil

Food Themed Couple Names


“Starts with the Same Letter” Couple Names 


Nature Themed Couple Names 


Celebrity Girls Names 

Mary Kate Ashley

Celebrity Boys Names


Can You Rename Your Bunnies?

Let’s say your bonded pair of bunnies are adults and you are adopting them.

They already have names..

There is no easy answer to this.

But the simple answer is yes, you can rename them

white and brown rabbit pair

There may be a few reasons why renaming is the GOOD thing to do:

  • You absolutely hate the names they have. If the names are that awful, cause you distress, would prevent you from truly bonding and loving you bunnies, absolutely change them. Maybe it’s the name of an ex-partner, a previous pet who has gone over the rainbow bridge, or perhaps the names are just plain inappropriate. Just change them.
  • The bunnies are coming from a home or abuse/neglect. Just like you may associate egg plant with your horrible stomach bug – it may always give you a weird pit in your stomach. Animals can be the same way and they may associate their current name with undesirable circumstances. It may be best to re-name and start with a clean slate. 

There may also be a few reasons why renaming is NOT the thing to do:

  • The bunnies are adults and have had the same names for the last 5 years. It may be very tough to recondition them to a new name. 
  • Are the names significant? After hearing a story about how a bunny was saved after nearly drowning in a river and you find out the bunny was named after the Good Samaritan who fished him out…maybe keeping the name would be a good idea. 

If you really have your heart set on naming these bunnies yourself, sometimes picking something similar can be close enough for your rabbits to not realize the difference, especially when yummy treats are involved. 

Perhaps you really would rather name your bunny Sunny instead of Snowy. That’s a very similar “-e” sound at the end with 2 syllables. Chances are, your bunny will understand now good things come with Sunny instead of Snowy and catch on. 

I liked these names, but none of them seem exactly right…

Totally fine!! Sometimes it’s best to wait and get to know your bunnies before giving them names they’ll have to live with for hopefully many years to come. So what if it takes a few days, a week or two, to come up with names. That is totally fine. Sometimes you’ll be inspired by what happened the first day your bunny went outside and went CRAZY for CLOVER! Or perhaps your rabbit does a cute WINK when he’s sun bathing by the window. I think we all like to be prepared and I think it’s wise to have everything ready to go – but names don’t need to be included in that very long list needed for a new pet. 

There’s a lot on the internet for “Cute Baby Names” and “100+ Dog Names”, but honestly not a whole lot of Rabbit Names, let alone for two. Luckily with the help of some Google searches I did stumble upon one “Name Generator” that is BUNNY APPROVED!

Bunny Name Generator

It’s pretty simple and beyond comical. 

First – Indicate if you’d like a male or female name – or that you’re open to both!

Second – would you prefer a human or pet name or either!

Last – Reveal your results!!

You will get a title and a first and last name. 

On my first try I got Miss Trixie Fuzzybottom. It may be a mouthful, but I don’t think it’s half bad! You can keep the whole name, take pieces of the name, or perhaps it’ll spark an idea for another name. 

Naming a pet can be a fun, but stressful time. Maybe you’ve always wanted a bunny named Walt. You bring Walt to the vet and find out that Walt is really a Wilma!! Luckily for you, this is your pet and you can do whatever you want! So if you want your female bunny to have the name Walt, and you just tell a funny story about your first time at the vet every time someone asks, then go for it!

So try not to stress and enjoy the naming process! It can be a little trial and error so get out your paper and pen and make a list! Chances are, you’ll stumble upon the right name and you’ll feel like it was truly meant to be.

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