Rabbit Oinking? This Is What It Means

From time to time you will hear your pet rabbit make all sorts of unusual noises, and the sound that could be described as oinking is one of the most common. But what does a rabbit oinking mean?

Typically, if a rabbit is making an oinking sound this means they are happy and excited. It is a sign they are content in their environment, and so is a very positive sign for any owner.

However, your rabbit is never as straightforward as all that. As well as the basic fact that rabbit oinking is good, there also comes with it a number of other points that any rabbit owner should be aware of.

So, what should you know about this oinking sound? Let’s explore it in more detail.

A rabbit sitting in straw

Oinking is Also Known as Honking

First, let’s get one important point out there, oinking is also known as honking, so throughout the article we may end up flipping between the two terms from time to time.

Also, it helps you to better understand what you are reading should you find honking mentioned elsewhere on our website.

Why Do Rabbits Oink?

Oinking is a very happy sound for your rabbit to make. Actually, you should be happy as an owner if they are indeed oinking as it does mean your rabbit is very content with whatever is going on at that time.

This noise is going to prove to be a way for your rabbit to communicate with you, and it’s a sound they will make on a regular basis. [Source]

Of course, that means you are doing well as an owner, and you should continue along the path you are going on, as everything is absolutely fine in the world of your rabbit.

The Difference Between Male and Female Oinking

There is a bit of a difference between the main reasons as to why a male and female rabbit will indulge in this oinking noise.

For males, it’s more linked to mating, and we will discuss this later, whereas with females, it’s linked more to pleasure and being happy.

Of course, if you neuter the male, then it does partly do away with the mating reason, at which point they too will do this more from a happy and pleasurable place.

The Difference Between Grunting and Oinking

We should also describe the difference that exists between grunting and linking.

However, this isn’t that easy, as the sounds can be pretty similar with some rabbits. Also, the fact that rabbits do tend to make quieter sounds makes life even harder than it needs to be.

The main thing to look out for is the general vibe coming from your rabbit. Oinking is a happy sound, whereas grunting is the way in which your rabbit is able to show it’s not best pleased about something. [Source]

Their body language and general demeanor will be different when they are grunting. Also, they will not be too happy at you being near them, unless you are in the process of trying to help them out with whatever is wrong.

What Exactly is the Oinking Sound?

This is where things get difficult.

Trying to describe the sound is not that easy. It’s usually quite a soft sound, so you may even struggle to hear it, but it’s a sort of a cross between a snort and an oink.

However, other people have even tried to describe this sound as being more like a bark of some kind, and that alone tells you just how tough it is to work out what this noise is really like.

Some people also describe it as an oink as they feel it sounds more like the oink a pig makes rather than any other sound from any other animal.

This does kind of work as honking makes you feel as if you are aligning it with the sound a goose makes, and it’s certainly a whole lot softer and less piercing than that noise.

The one thing that’s for certain is that your rabbit makes their own pretty unique noise, and you better get used to it as they will hopefully be making it on a regular basis.

When Will You Hear the Sound?

But when are you most likely to hear this sound?

Well, the most common time is when you rabbit is feeling nice and happy about life in general. They are excited about something, and this sound is their way of letting the world know just how amazing everything is at this moment.

It’s a noise that indicates a pleasant time. It means your often anxious bunny is not feeling that way at all.

You may hear it when they are going into their mating ritual, or alternatively they will oink or honk when they are excited about some kind of treat.

Don’t be surprised if your rabbit also uses it when they are happy to see you or if they want attention. They are fully aware of the fact that we find it quite cute, so they will use that to their advantage if they feel they are going to be able to get something out of it for themselves.

The one thing we must stress if that it is not a noise that is linked to something being wrong. Nothing could be more wrong.

Also, both male and female rabbits will make this sound. It’s not linked to a particular sex unlike other noises that can come from your rabbit.

But we can explore the reasons behind your rabbit making this sound in a bit more detail.

The Mating Reason

OK, so we can start with the mating reason, and it’s not a sound that is just linked to those rabbits that have not been neutered at this point.

A soft oink can also be a form of courting for a rabbit. They are alerting other rabbits around them as to their availability, but it’s not as full on as some other sounds that your rabbit could make.

Also, both male and female will make this sound when they are on heat. However, a male that has not been neutered yet will tend to make the sound more often than the female.

If you want to know that it’s related to mating, then look out for other signs that this is the case. Your rabbits will give off other signs that it’s part of the courting or mating dance.

They will often circle the other rabbit at the same time, and that’s the most common sign as to what is going on inside the mind of your rabbit at this moment in time.

But it’s important to remember that this is not the only time they make the noise even though it’s probably the most common reason in the wild.

After all, your pet rabbit is hardly going to be going down the mating route as often as the wild rabbit will do.

Two rabbits mating

They are Excited

The next reason is that they are excited, and we aren’t always talking about them being sexually excited either.

If your rabbit has been neutered or spayed, then they will tend to make this oinking sound when excited more than any other reason.

It means they are eager for something to happen, or they are aware as to what is going on, and they are very happy.

This is the main reason why your pet rabbit will go ahead and make this particular sound.

That does mean the oinking sound can happen at different times. It may be when you are going to feed them, as your rabbit will love their food, or it could be when you are stroking or bonding with them.

Also, if you have more than one rabbit, then they could produce this oinking sound when they are chasing one another and just having fun.

Playing is a huge part of their life, and they will tend to show their happiness by producing this noise on a regular basis.

Oinking Is Also a Sign of Affection

Sticking with the reasons for the sound, it can also be linked to a sign of affection, and that’s all cute in its own right.

While your rabbit can also make more of a purring noise to show contentment, if they start doing this soft oink when you are spending time with them, it then means the bonding session is going well.

It’s a surefire sign of your rabbit feeling relaxed, and they are certainly not anxious in any way.

You need to look at what you are doing, and make sure you replicate that at some other time because your rabbit is in their own version of Nirvana at that moment in time, and that’s something you should want to achieve on a regular basis.

Getting Your Attention

Yet another reason for this oinking sound, and it’s all to do with getting your attention. We touched on this earlier, but it’s actually a common way for your rabbit to go ahead and try to communicate with you that they want something.

Your rabbit loves their bonding times with you, and don’t forget they understand you deliver their food and everything else they need to be comfortable. So, they will use these cute soft sounds to help them get what they want.

If they want your attention, they will be more likely to sit near you and just start making that oinking sound. The key for you is to realize that they came up to you before making that noise.

It’s basically the way for a rabbit to shout out to you that they want you to know that they are there, and that you better start paying attention.

The good thing is they do not carry out this action that often, so it’s not something that will occur on a constant basis. So, it never gets annoying due to them overdoing this oinking sound.

Your Rabbit is More Vocal Than You Think

You see, your rabbit is way more vocal than most people think. This belief that a rabbit is a small, quiet animal is just a myth. Instead, they do their own version of talking through various noises every single day.

Oinking is just one of those noises. You also have purring, teeth grinding noises, sighing, even growling.

Some of them are positive noises and others, such as the growling one, are not as pleasant as it means something bad is happening for your rabbit in their world.

So, Our Conclusion About Oinking

So, what can we conclude about your rabbit oinking? Well, the main thing to remember is that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a clear sign your rabbit is happy, and they are not stressed out or anxious at that time.

Keep in mind that your rabbit does spend a lot of the day feeling scared if you don’t create the right environment for them. The fact they are oinking lets you know to carry on with what you are doing, as you have created that perfect home for your rabbit.

Learn the difference between oinking and the other sounds that your rabbit may make as this will help you to better understand what they are thinking about life at that moment. Forget the idea that your rabbit is a quiet animal as that’s not the case.

Listen intently, and you will be amazed at how vocal they are.

So, let your rabbit oink away until its heart is content.

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