50 Famous Mouse Names (Film, TV, Cartoons, Disney)

Mickey Mouse standing on a piano

So you’ve brought home your new mouse, but you are stumped for a name. Luckily, we’ve collected the most famous mouse names around for you to peruse.

This list summarizes the 50 most famous names given to mice for you to pick from, whether it’s Mickey, Minnie, Jerry, or Despereaux.

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1. Mickey Mouse

Possibly the most famous mouse in existence, Mickey was created by Walt Disney back in 1928. [Source] With his huge ears, saucer-shaped eyes, and utter adorableness, Mickey might be an excellent name for your mouse-doppelganger.

2. Minnie Mouse

Created alongside Mickey, Minnie Mouse is a sweetie in a huge bow and polka dot dress. If you’re planning on adopting more than one mouse, a Mickey and Minnie combo is nothing but iconic.

3. Jerry

Second in fame only to Mickey Mouse, this half of the Tom and Jerry duo is mischievous, fun-loving, and intelligent. He was first called Jinx in 1940, which we think could be an adorable name for your pet mouse too!

4. Speedy Gonzales

Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale! Speedy Gonzalez is arguably the most adorable character in all of the Looney Tunes, and if your mouse has his spirit and energy, Speedy may just be the perfect name.

5. Remy

Technically, Remy is a rat, but the story of Ratatouille and the heartwarming friendship shared between the little chef and his protégé make it a great name for your special mouse friend. [Source]

6. Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse is the World’s Greatest Secret Agent. This spunky little critter could provide your furry friend with an excellent namesake.

7. Pinky

“Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

The iconic duo of Pinky and the Brain, who found their purpose in attempting world domination, are cunning, although a little near-sighted at times. If your pet mouse has a larger-than-life personality, Pinky may just be the name to choose!

8. The Brain

What is The Brain doing tonight? Trying to take over the world, of course!

The second half of the Pinky and The Brain duo is the driving force behind their attempts to conquer the world.

If you’ve got a pair of trickster mice who need names, Pinky and The Brain may be the ones for you.

9. Reepicheep

The leader of the Talking Mice of Narnia, Reepicheep, was one of the bravest knights of Prince Caspian. If your pet mouse shares his bravery and spunk, Reepicheep might be the perfect name.

10. Stuart Little

If, like the book and movie of the same name, your pet mouse warms your heart and wiggles its way so deep into it you could never imagine life alone, Stuart Little could be the right name for your adorable furry friend.

Stuart Little
  • HC-0064400565
  • White, E. B (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
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11. Algernon

Algernon is a famous mouse who had his intelligence surgically enhanced. This means Algernon could be an excellent name for your smarter-than-average mouse, especially if you’re planning on teaching it tricks.

12. Louis

This hilarious little creature from Garfield 2 is as loyal as he is funny. He’s street smart and spunky, and if your pet is too, Louis may be a great name.

13. Biggie Cheese (Barnyard)

If your pet is larger than life and has a mouse-like penchant for rocking out, Biggie Cheese may be the way to go. It’s also a great choice if your fluffy pal is on the bigger side.

14. Mighty Mouse

If your mouse bears any resemblance to the superhero Mighty Mouse, you couldn’t find a better name than this.

15. Bubble

One of the adorable mice in the Bubble and Squeak book series, Bubble is brave and inquisitive. If you like cute names, I don’t think anything can be more adorable than Bubble.

16. Squeak

Okay, I take it back. Squeak may be even cuter than Bubble. Not only is it the name of a famous mouse, but it’s also the sound you may often hear your pet making,

17. Chuck E. Cheese

Full name Charles Entertainment Cheese, Chuck is a mascot of a family restaurant chain. As mice off the big screen go, you can’t get more famous than Chuck E. Cheese.

18. Scouse

Scouse Mouse was Liverpool’s personal tour guide. If your little fellow is inquisitive and friendly, Scouse could be the perfect name for you.

19. Geronimo Stilton

Ah, Geronimo Stilton! A resident of New Mouse City, little Geronimo is a journalist who helped millions of kids learn to read and write. Geronimo Stilton is not only an adorable name but a great way to remind everyone how much we can learn from our pets.

20. Basil

Basil, the Great Mouse Detective, is the mouse version of Sherlock Holmes. If you think your mouse could rival the great Mr. Holmes, Basil is the name to choose.

21. Gus-Gus

Also known as Octavius, Gus-Gus is one of Cinderella’s sidekicks and an adorable critter. If your mousy sidekick is always there for you, too, Gus-Gus is the perfect name.

22. Gadget

As the name suggests, Gadget is a curious, tech-savvy creature who is the epitome of girl power. It’s the perfect name for your smart, feisty girl mouse.

23. Megavolt

Although Megavolt is a villain, he’s still quite lovable. If your mouse has a mean streak, Megavolt is the way to go.

24. Fievel Mousekewitz

The hero of An American Tail, Fievel is brave and wise. If your mouse fits these characteristics, Fievel is the right choice for you.

25. Timothy Q. Mouse

Timothy is the mouse-sized companion and mentor of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. He’s bright and cute and loyal to his friends. If your mouse is, too, consider naming him after this iconic little rodent hero.

Cartoon mouse in a hole

26. Mortimer

Mortimer is Mickey Mouse’s main rival. Despite being the antagonist, he still finds his way into many people’s hearts, similar to how a mouse that some may see as a pest could become a lovable, loyal friend.

27. Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux tells the story of a courageous mouse who brings happiness back to a saddened Kingdom. If your mouse brought sunshine into your heart, Despereaux is the perfect name.

28. Minute Mouse

Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse were created as a parody of Batman. Although the show is supposed to be funny, Minute Mouse’s bravery remains true throughout and could be an excellent name for your pet.

29. Pikachu

Although not technically a mouse, Pikachu certainly resembles one. Any Pokémon lovers who also own mice may love this name for their furry friend. Bonus points — you can cuddle with your mouse while playing one of the video games!

30. Angelina Ballerina

A great name for a graceful, agile mouse, Angelina Ballerina is a cartoon mouse who is obsessed with ballet.

31. Roquefort

Not only is he named after cheese, the favorite snack of fictional mice, but Roquefort is also good friends with the Aristocats. His diplomacy could mean Roquefort is a great name for a mouse who makes friends quickly.

32. Perla

Perla is one of the mice who help make Cinderella’s dress for the ball. She’s a sweet, resourceful creature, and the name Perla could be great if your mouse is, too.

33. Monterey Jack

Another name of a famous mouse and famous cheese, Monterey Jack, or Monty, is the oldest member of the Rescue Rangers and is a brilliantly smart mouse. A great name for an equally smart pet.

34. Mert

Another one of Cinderella’s pals, Mert is not only the cutest name for a mouse but is an integral character of one of the most popular childhood fairytales.

35. Jaq

The last Cinderella sidekick on our list, Jaq is the most loyal and bravest mouse of them all. Consider naming your mouse Jaq if they share these characteristics.

36. Miss Bianca

Miss Bianca is as elegant as she is daring. She is a member of The Rescuers and makes a great namesake for your equally refined mouse.

37. Bernard

Bernard first works as a janitor for the Rescue Aid Society. Eventually, his bravery and smarts get him promoted to part of the gang. Not only is Bernard a clever mouse, but it makes a lovely name for your own pet, as well.

38. Nibbles

Also known as Tuffy (another great name for a mouse, by the way), he is the diaper-wearing mischievous baby mouse from Tom and Jerry. His penchant for getting into trouble could make Nibbles a great name for your pet too.

39. Bertie

Another mouse from the Aristocats, Bertie is as sweet a name as any and could be perfect for your mousy friend.

40. Blabber Mouse

Blabber Mouse is one-half of the cat-mouse detective duo working for the Super Snooper Detective Agency. If your mouse is very vocal, Blabber Mouse could be a hilariously accurate name.

41. Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse

As Mickey’s twin nephews, Morty and Ferdie are very cute, very famous names that may suit your pet perfectly.

42. Queen Mousetoria

A character from The Great Mouse Detective, Queen Mousetoria is a great name for your regal, elegant mouse.

43. Mr. Jingles

He steals the heart of the guards and prisoners in The Green Mile movie. If your mouse has a way of making people love them, Mr. Jingles may be a great name.

44. Mouscedes King

A character from Monster High, Mouscedes is royalty. If you think your mouse is, too, this could be the perfect name.

45. Furlough

Furlough is Despereaux’s brother, and makes a gentlemanly name for your refined mouse.

46. Pixie

As a co-star of the Huckleberry Hound Show, Pixie is a famous mouse and a sweet name for your pet.

47. Dixie

Dixie is Pixie’s friend and another star of the Huckleberry Hound Show. Together with his co-stars, he goes on dozens of adventures with his pals.

48. Slowpoke Rodriguez

Cousin to Speedy Gonzales, Slowpoke is exactly what his name suggests. If your pet is on the slower side, this could be the right name for them.

49. Amos Mouse

An adorable, hardy church mouse, Amos is an innocent, sweet character who could also provide an equally lovable name for your pet.

50. Gussie Mausheimer

As the wealthiest and most powerful mouse in New York, Gussie is an excellent name if you believe your pet could one day join the mafia, even if it’s only the mouse mafia.

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