Long-Haired Dachshund Grooming Tips: 7 Ideas

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Dachshunds are known to have a winning attitude and style. When it comes to pure canine enthusiasm, this breed wins thanks to the iconically long silhouette and big-dog temperament.

Dachshunds were first bred in Germany in the 1400s; the name means “badger dog.” As you might have guessed, they were created specifically to hunt badgers. Doxies are now excellent little watchdogs — albeit not as excellent athletes!

A wide range of colors is available for the smooth, wired, and long-haired variants of dachshunds. The long-haired dachshund takes more attention than the smooth-coated variety to maintain its flowing locks in good condition.

Basics of Long-Haired Dachshund Grooming

Fortunately for dachshund owners, doxies are fairly clean and odor-free. A long-haired dachshund will occasionally require more attention than a short-haired one. If neglected, their gorgeous locks might become matted.

The American Kennel Club advises pin or bristle brushes for many long-haired breeds as they assist in removing fur and reduce shedding without endangering the dog.

Check your doxie for any foreign objects that might have become embedded in their coats when they were playing outside while you were brushing them. Additionally, now is an excellent time to look for matted fur. Matting can develop practically anywhere. However, it most frequently occurs around the ears and underneath the legs.

Doxies don’t require frequent baths because they are a clean breed. However, it’s bath time if they frolic in the mud or run through some sticker plants. More than one bath per month is not advised for long-haired dachshunds since it could dry up their natural skin oils. This may result in the skin becoming inflamed or the hair dulling.

Your doxie should first be dried with a soft cloth before using a safe blow dryer for dogs. Even though it could take some time for your dachshund to become used to it, many dogs eventually like the warmth. Your best option is a hairdryer because it helps prevent future tangles.

Due to their adorable enormous ears, dachshunds are especially vulnerable to ear infections. The ideal time to check on their ears is when they are being groomed.

Are you prepared for your tiny, spirited dog to shine? The following information will help you properly groom a long-haired dachshund.

A cute pup on the couch for long-haired dachshund grooming tips

1.    Select the Proper Brush

Due to the variety of their coats, long-haired dachshunds can be challenging to brush. On their bodies, they have two coats, and their legs, belly, and tail all contain numerous areas of finer, more delicate hair. A brush with bristles on one side and pins on the other works well.

For a clean, shining finish, the bristles softly remove surface dirt and dead hair, while the wire pins assist in keeping the fur tangle-free without damaging it. This brush is the most affordable option if you only want to purchase a few pieces of grooming equipment.

For a little bit of additional money, add a wide-tooth comb for the tail feathers and other fine hair, as well as a slicker brush to get to your dog’s thick undercoat.

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2.    Trim the Problem Areas

While the tail and belly of your dachshund are covered in long, plush fur, it is also delicate and prone to tangles and debris. Belly hair quickly becomes dirty because of the dog’s small legs.

Additionally, long-haired dachshunds produce a lot of hair between their paw pads, which can become matted and muddy, particularly in the snow. Try keeping your dog’s tummy fur short and near to its body rather than continuously cleaning it.

The feathering on the tail, legs, and feet can be maintained short for ease of maintenance. A professional groomer can quickly do this trim, but numerous visits can get pricey.

Some owners want to perform the task themselves; however, if you want to try a home trim, use clippers rather than scissors to prevent cutting your dog. Here’s our favorite pair of dog clippers.

3.    Sectionalize Your Work

Use hair clips to segment the fur on your dachshund to make it simpler to brush the undercoat and avoid matting properly. This advice makes it simple to see and reach the undercoat.

Proper undercoat grooming can reduce the hair your dachshund sheds throughout the house. It also makes removing any mats that develop underneath the fur’s outer coat simpler. Mats will only worsen if not removed, and they may also infect and irritate your skin.

4.    Always Check the Ears

Dachshund puppies with floppy ears are likelier to get dirt and moisture trapped inside them than those with erect ears. Check your long-haired dachshund’s ears each time you brush its coat for extra hair, debris, and indications of infection or irritation.

Maintain regular cleanings of the ears and keep the long ear hair cut or removed (a veterinarian or groomer can assist you with this).

If you’ve never cleaned a dog’s ears, your veterinarian can offer a safe cleaner recommendation and walk you through the procedure. Never insert anything into your dachshund’s ear canal, including cotton swabs.

5.    Dental Health Is Important

Dachshunds are among the many little dogs who struggle with bad teeth. Incorporate a focus on dental hygiene as part of your pup’s grooming regimen. Your dachshund should ideally get dental care every day, which will keep their teeth stronger and also help their breath.

The greatest technique to prevent tartar is to wash your teeth regularly. Instead of a human-brand toothpaste, use one made for dogs. If your dachshund is unsure of the toothbrush, try using a soft kid’s or a dog toothbrush instead, or try putting some gauze over your finger and using that.

Ask your veterinarian for other recommendations, such as dental chews or a water additive, if you cannot consistently brush your dog’s teeth.

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6.    Don’t Forget About the Nails

Dachshunds are well-known among veterinarians and groomers for being mischievous when having their nails clipped. Due to this, many dachshunds do not undergo routine nail care, so their claws can easily become excessively long. Long toenails can quickly become tangled and damaged.

Additionally, long nails could make it challenging for the dachshund to walk correctly, particularly on tile or hardwood flooring. Aim to trim your pup’s nails once per month.

Spend some time between haircuts desensitizing your dachshund and touching their feet to make the pedicure easier. To assist in creating a pleasant association while handling their paws and toes, feed them goodies.

7.    Reduce Your Bathing Time

A healthy long-haired dachshund doesn’t require frequent showers, despite what you may think. Too many baths can disrupt the normal oil production of the skin and coat, causing unnatural dryness, discomfort, and even illness.

Unless your dog becomes muddy or rolls in something nasty, stick to a bath once a month. Use dog shampoo, and make sure to rinse well. Before bathing your dachshund, brush out any mats or tangles because removing them will be more difficult after your dog has been wet.

If you observe any flaking, scratching, redness, or an unusual odor on your dachshund’s skin or coat, consult your veterinarian for a checkup.

Top Dachshund with Long Hairstyles

1.    Puppy Haircut

The puppy cut is ideal for folks who want all the advantages of a dachshund without the heavy maintenance requirements. Therefore, it’s not just for the puppies. Leave the hair about an inch long on the body, with a bit more length on the ears.

The puppy cut is long enough to provide adequate protection from the weather without requiring you to brush away knots constantly. It’s crucial to maintain this trim, though, or you’ll need to continue regularly grooming your dachshund.

2.    Best in Show

There is a reason people obsess over entering their long-haired doxie in the Best in Show category, what with their flowing locks and big-dog attitude. This task is not for the faint of heart. Thus, emphasis is placed on accuracy and precision.

Each section of your doxie’s hair is checked and styled following the requirements for dog shows. Longer hair is enunciated in the waist, while the contour around the neck and head is thinned. Bringing home the gold might make all this effort worthwhile!

3.    Au Naturel

As the name implies, this style leaves your doxie alone. Hair left at its natural length helps keep your dog feeling unpretentious and assists in regulating body temperature.

Before blow-drying your dog’s long, silky hair after a bath, many groomers will give your dog’s undercarriage and ears a slight, natural-looking trim. This style is simple, but you’ll have a dog that looks good and can keep up with the wild pack.

Then, it’s time to check your doxie’s nails after a nice haircut. Their paws can become injured by overgrown nails, especially if they tread on concrete. To prevent any harm, cut your dog’s nails once a month when you’re grooming.

With these long-haired dachshund grooming tips, your pup will be feeling fresh in no time. And that means lots of cuddles!

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