How Long Do Scorpions Live? (Solved)

If you want to own a pet scorpion, then it’s pretty crucial to know how long you can expect them to live.

In captivity, a scorpion can live for up to 8 years. However, the average lifespan is more like 5-6 years. In the wild, a scorpion will tend to live for between 2 and 5 years.

Of course, you should just know that the different things that you do as an owner will be capable of dramatically changing how long your pet scorpion is going to live.

In this post, I’ll go through:

  • Exactly how long a scorpion may survive in captivity
  • How long they will survive in the wild
  • Conditions that will either extend or reduce their lifespan
  • And how best to help your scorpion live to a ripe old age.
How long do scorpions live
Scorpions will live around 6 years in captivity, and occasionally as long as 8

How Long Scorpions Live In Captivity

As I mentioned earlier, a scorpion living in captivity can live up to eight years, and that’s quite impressive. (Source)

However, the average life expectancy is closer to six years.

However, in order to help them get to that ripe old age will require some work on your part. Yes, they have the ability to live that long, but they do need something of a helping hand to help them to get there.

My own pet scorpion is an Emperor Scorpion. That’s the type I’d definitely recommend if you’re thinking about buying.

That’s because it’s viewed as being one of the best scorpions to own as a pet, and it’s also one of the easiest. Think about it as being your starter scorpion.

There are many different types of pet scorpions, with the most popular being:

  • Emperor scorpions
  • Malaysian black scorpion
  • Desert hairy scorpion
  • Javanese jungle scorpion
  • Large-clawed scorpion

There are quite a few more types as well, but these are definitely among the most common.

The life expectancies of all of these scorpions are pretty similar, being somewhere between six and eight years.

How Do Scorpions Ages Compare To Similar Pets?

Here’s a table of the lifespan ages you can expect with a range of pets that are at least similar to scorpions:

AnimalAverage lifespan
Male Tarantula7-8 years
Female Tarantula25 years
Scorpion6 years
Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle1 year
Stick Insect1 year
Gecko10-20 years
Bearded Dragon15 years

As you can see, scorpions are kind of in the middle. Nowhere near as long-lived as female tarantulas, but then much longer in the tooth than the average stick insect.

How Long Scorpions Live In The Wild

Now, let’s see how long scorpions live in the wild.

Obviously, living in the wild is a stressful thing. It leads to greater risks, and the odds of them being caught by prey and killed will remain pretty high.

They need to venture out into areas that they don’t feel comfortable in just to try to survive, and all of this takes its toll.

It’s no surprise that a wild scorpion may only live for a fraction of the time compared to one in captivity.

On average, a wild scorpion will live for between 2 to 5 years.

The captive scorpion doesn’t have the same stresses as the wild scorpion does, so with less danger comes a greater opportunity to thrive and live for an extended period of time.

Predators And Life Expectancy For Scorpions

But here is an important point to make about your pet scorpion; they don’t have anything to prey on them. 

Even though we think about scorpions as being scary insects that can attack and sting you, not every animal out there is going to think along the same lines. Instead, a number of animals see them as easy pickings, and that constant need to try to evade and avoid puts a lot of pressure on a scorpion.

All of these animals prey on scorpions:

  • Bats
  • Mice
  • Shrews
  • Birds
  • Centipedes
  • Tarantulas

That is also why the average age for a wild scorpion drops below that of a pet scorpion. The sheer number of wild scorpions that will die young because of being attacked is a major contributing factor to that average age.

Of course, your pet scorpion has no such hassle.

They will even realize that they are not under the threat of constant attack, and that has a positive impact on the way in which they go about their daily life.

Life expectancy of scorpions
The stress of being in close proximity to predators will reduce the average life expectancy of scorpions

Factors That Contribute To A Shorter Life For Scorpions

When it comes to your pet scorpion, then there are a number of things that can certainly contribute to your scorpion having a shorter life than they should have had.


First, there has to be illness. Now, that is something that cannot always be avoided, and it’s just a fact of life.

However, some illnesses are caused by not caring correctly for your scorpion, and that is clearly something that can be avoided.

Food And Water

Not providing your scorpion with enough food or water is going to also have a negative impact. 

An adult scorpion needs to be fed every other day. A young scorpion needs to be fed daily.

Not doing this will lead to them becoming weak, and that increases the chances of them developing some sort of illness.

Also, keep an eye on what they eat. You may want to feed them some live crickets, but if they do not get around to eating all of them, then the surprising thing is that the crickets can seek to attack the scorpion when it’s resting.

This attack is going to lead to stress, and stress is not a good thing for a scorpion to encounter. 


Stress works on a scorpion in pretty much the same way as it does with it. That means it can change the way they act in a situation, and not always in a good way.

Over time, stress can take its toll on your pet scorpion, and then you may have a completely different problem to deal with on your hands.

Basically, there are a number of important things that can, and will, contribute to a scorpion having a shorter life. But then, you should also know ways to help your pet scorpion reach those older ages, even though it’s no guarantee.

How to Help Them Reach That Ripe Old Age

Monitor Their Health

The first thing we need to mention is to keep an eye on their health and be prepared to take them to the vet at the first sign of anything wrong.

This is where having an intricate knowledge of what your pet scorpion is usually like will prove to be really useful.

Changes in behavior and physical appearance can often be signs that there is something wrong. You need to spend time studying your scorpion to help you better understand what is going on, and also when something is wrong.

Keep On Top Of Their Care

Another thing is to keep on top of their care.

Make sure they are fed as required, have clean water, and have a safe environment to live in. All of those things will lead to them feeling better, and if you can reduce any external stressors, then there’s no reason why your scorpion cannot live for a number of years.


Of course, getting the correct food for a pet scorpion is easy.

So many pet stores will stock live feed for this very purpose, but do look at adding in some live feed covered in calcium to help boost their health.

This is only something that needs to be done once a week, but it’s an important part of their diet.

Length of Maturity May Play a Part in Lifespan

A scorpion may take between one to three years to mature and evolve into an adult scorpion. Of course, that means the species has a role to play, as that is where the variation comes into play.

The longer they take to mature into adults, then generally speaking the longer they will live.

It’s almost as if those that mature after a year are on the fast lane to life, and that will often lead to them living for fewer years than their counterparts.

Size is Important

In the case of a scorpion, then size may very well be extremely important. Well, at least when it comes to how long they can live.

In a general sense, the bigger the scorpion, then the longer they live.

This is something that has been observed in both the wild and captivity, so if you do want your pet scorpion to live for a number of years, then you know what you need to do to achieve that.

Correctly Caring For Your Pet Scorpion

So when it comes to caring for your pet scorpion, then keep in mind that this is going to contribute to its ability to live a long and happy life.

Living Space

You want to make sure they have a large enough space to call home. (Source) A scorpion doesn’t require something massive, but a fish tank or terrarium will be required.

But here is one important point.

You need to make sure that the lid of their home is capable of being kept in place.

An Emperor Scorpion has the ability to push off a loose lid, especially when one is on the light side. You certainly don’t want to run the risk of waking up one morning and your scorpion is gone.

When it comes to size, then a single scorpion should not be kept in a tank smaller than 10 gallons. 


Aside from that, you want to install a heat mat in the base.

A scorpion does not handle changes in temperature particularly well, so you need to try to maintain a sense of them always being in warm conditions.

A heat mat is easy to install, and you can then keep a close eye on the temperature. Being in conditions that are too cold will put stress on the body of the scorpion, and that is something we are looking at trying to avoid.


You also need to make sure that their tank is not kept next to a strong light source. Your pet scorpion is nocturnal, so it does all sorts of things when we are asleep.

However, you do not want to keep them in a space where ample light is flooding in.

That sort of thing stresses them out, and illnesses can develop as a direct result.

Overall Summary

The lifespan of scorpions is something that changes depending if you are talking about captivity or in the wild.

From the perspective of a pet scorpion, then it is possible for them to live up to eight years even though not every pet scorpion will get to that ripe old age. However, if you are talking about a scorpion in the wild, then it will typically be around half of that.

Your pet scorpion doesn’t have to constantly fight for its life. It has nothing there to attack it, but at the same time, you need to protect them as best you can.

You have the opportunity to feed them on a regular basis, give them a place they can call their own, and offer fresh water all of the time. As long as you do all of that, and take them to the vet whenever you think there may be something wrong, then you should certainly not have any issues from that perspective.

Learn everything that there is to know about how to correctly care for your scorpion, and they will reward you by living for years allowing you to enjoy them for longer than you ever thought possible.

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