Do Yorkies and Chihuahuas Get Along? Solved! + Tips

If you own either a Yorkie or a chihuahua, you’re likely looking at other types of dogs that they can interact with safely and well.

Do yorkies and chuhuahuas get along?

The vast majority of owners report that Yorkshire terriers and chihuahuas get along really well. They are similar in size, so do not feel intimidated around each other. Also, they regularly breed, creating the beautiful chorkie cross-breed.

In this post, I’ll take a look at how well Yorkies and chihuahuas get along, about cross-breeding between them, and how to ideally introduce the two successfully.

Yorkie and chihuahuas get along together

Yorkies And Chihuahuas Do Get Along

These two dogs usually get off just fine and dandy for a range of the following reasons:

  • They are a similar size
  • They have similar traits and personalities
  • They are able to successfully cross-breed

Let’s do a deeper dive into the personality of each, and see how this will work when they interact with the other dog. Getting to know each breed individually will enable you in understanding as to why they get along so well: 

Chihuahuas – Traits And Personality (Linked To Yorkies)

The interesting part of this is that Chihuahuas are not the easiest dog for other dogs to get on with. I am not saying it is impossible, of course, but they choose their friends very carefully and will not put up with any nonsense.

They might be tiny, but they certainly pack punch and will tell any other dog off the moment they feel slighted.

They will not put up with bad behavior or be picked on. 

Once they make a friend with another dog, it is for life.

People often underestimate how dogs can be very good pals. So much so that if one goes away or even passes away, their dog will mourn for the missing friend. 

Some seasoned dog owners already know this. 

Back to Chihuahuas. They are what many called graceful yet feisty dogs.

As mentioned above, they will put many dogs and people in their place, but they are very loving and very loyal to their owners and their dog friends. They are highly intelligent and are fast learners.

This makes them easy to train and also fun to be around. This also makes them fantastic companions to just about anyone who wants one, including younger children and the elderly.

Chihuahuas are also very tuned in to people and situations. They will feel if their owner is sad, happy, or other and they will behave very sensitively to that situation.

Most are also very lovable, meaning they will love strokes and pets, as well as cuddles if they are in the mood. Just like humans do. [Source]

Chihuahuas also come in so many different colors and coat types so they are interesting to look at too. What is not to love? 

Other dog breeds that chihuahuas get along with are some of these:

BreedDo chihuahuas get along with them
French BulldogYes
Shih tzuhNo
Golden Retriever Yes

Yorkies – Traits And Personalities (Linked To Chihuahuas)

Yorkies have boundless energy, and are loving pets, but are also a bit fussy about other dogs, just like the chihuahua.

This is starting to sound a little familiar now! The fact is they do have very similar traits and personalities, so they do get along very well.

Yorkies are harder to train when it comes to toilet training and are probably overtaken by the Chihuahua in the sharpness stakes, but can hold their own nonetheless.

Like Chihuahuas, Yorkies love humans more than other dogs, but as mentioned many times already, they do get on with Chihuahuas.

They make a great couple of friends. Both enjoy walks and cuddles and Yorkies, in particular, will love their human devotedly.

They make great pets for elderly people because of their calm and cuddly nature with humans. They can get snappish around other dogs, so choosing a smaller dog is always a good idea.

BreedDo Yorkies get along with them
Golden retrieverYes
Great daneYes
Border collieYes
RottweilerPossibly if closely supervised at first

Chorkies are a much-loved pet first appearing in the 90s

Yorkies and chihuahuas get on so well that some people breed them, and the resultant Chorkies are very well-loved dogs in their own right too. They first made their cute appearance in the early 90s, and have taken off since then. 

Chorkies come in all shapes and sizes, some with smaller pointed ears, others with floppy ears, but inevitably they are super cute.

They also have the hair instead of fur that most dogs have that are inherent in Yorkies, so they do require the same commitment to grooming. [Source]

Yorkie and a chihuahua walking down a path together
Yorkies and chihuahuas are a similar size, and share similar personalities and traits

How To Introduce Yorkies and Chihuahuas

Some people swear by the ‘natural method’.

This is where you’d get someone else to bring the new dog to the park, for example, and arrange to meet by accident.

This is a very neutral environment and is not threatening to either dog. So neither will feel territorial about you nor the environment. 

The Accidental Meeting Of Yorkies and Chihuahuas

The two dogs can meet through this planned accidental meeting and get along just fine. Playing or even ignoring one another, this way things are relaxing for them. 

If you’d prefer to just ‘get on with it and bring your new dog home, then make sure you clear away all personal effects that belong to your current dog. He or she will not take kindly to the fact that their bowls or toys are being sniffed and checked out by another dog they do not yet know. 

Yorkies and Chihuahuas Meeting In A Home Setting

Try and tidy the place up beforehand. It might surprise you to know that dogs do not enjoy clutter, particularly if they are stressed out.

The reasoning behind this is that they cannot keep tabs on their own items and the space, as well as the other dog.

So clearing the area helps them to remain calmer. 

You can separate them for a few days by using baby gates if you feel that is necessary. This way, their bowls and toys can be kept separately.

You might not have to worry this much, many a dog has just simply ‘got on’ but others need a little more patience. 

More Neutral Ground Ideas For A Meet

Another way similar to the accidental meeting would be to have another family member take the new dog to a neutral area like the park, and you take your current dog there.

This way, each dog has a handler that cares about them. Each dog can receive constant reassurance. 

Keep the interaction brief. Then allow the natural park ambiance to be absorbed by each dog. Then take each one for a walk away from the other. Coming back together again for a short while.

Make sure you have treats with you, rewarding each dog as you go along. Plus, this adds pleasure to the outing. 

Once home again, it is recommended to keep the dogs apart for a few days at the very least. Particularly if they are not being monitored constantly.

This way they can get used to each other slowly and your new dog will feel comfortable. Your older dog will also feel reassured that things are not that different after all and can start to relax. 

If they do show signs of stress or wanting to fight, then separate them again and try again at another time. 

Commitment and Calm Perseverance is Key

In a way, this is a dog training session, and like any training session, it requires commitment and perseverance, but in a calm way.

No dogs will respond well to being shouted at in any given situation, particularly this one. Soon your dogs will relax and start to get to know one another.

Then another valuable member of the family is added to your already happy family!

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