35+ Brilliant Blue Betta Fish Names

The color blue represents everything we love about betta fish. Freedom…calmness…serenity…and sometimes swimming around crazily like Woody Woodpecker.

I’ve kept gorgeous blue betta fish for years, and in that time I’ve compiled my ultimate collection of the best 40+ names you can call them.

I’ve split up my selection into the following categories:

  • Blue betta fish character names
  • Words that describe blue betta fish names
  • Blue animal names for betta fish
  • Blue object names for betta fish

So, let’s imagine this article is a round watery fish tank, and let’s dive right in…

blue betta fish names

Blue Character Betta Fish Names


Let’s kick off with this badass dude. If you’re betta fish looks hard enough to scale the Alps single-handedly then this name is just the ticket


I had to google this guy originally – but he’s kind of a blue superhero. Check him out!


I’m thinking here of that ridiculous gum-chewer from Willy Wonka. She turned pretty blue in the end.

If your fish has a kind of gum-chewing face action, this could be the name to turn to.


The original Scottish blue-clothed heroine!


Remember this giant blue guy from Monsters Inc? I think he was called something like James P Sullivan to his mates.

If you have a particularly beefy-looking Betta then this could be the name for you.

Woody Woodpecker

The character with potentially the most annoying voice like literally ever.


These guys were so cute. Plus, if you’re Betta has a bit of a beard, then Grandpa Smurf is the only name you should think about.


These are for the lovely lady Betta fish. Particularly good for the tiny ones.

Marge Simpson

If your fish has any kind of blue hairstyle thing going on, I can’t recommend this name strongly enough.


This is for you super-speedy betta fish. The faster they can whip around that tank the better. A few spines or spikes wouldn’t go amiss either.


This is a seriously weird guy. Check him out if you’ve not seen him. It’s some kind of mutant koala or something. So if your fish looks like that then get stuck into this name.


Remember the Robin Williams character from Aladdin? A bit of comic genius mixed with a beautiful blue.


Probably my favorite muppet right here. Not only was he a gorgeous blue color, but he was kind of a daredevil as well. So if you’re betta fish that enjoys leaping out of the tank, then Gonzo could be the way to go.

Here’s a video of the kind of Betta fish that could be called ‘Gonzo’:

Could this fish be Gonzo (a bit of a stunt man)?

Words To Describe A Blue Betta Fish

If you have more of a poetic or romantic bent about you, then some of these gorgeous words for the color ‘blue’ may be the way to go.


This color is bluer than the bluest of blues.


This is a gorgeous blue corally type stuff that you can find on the seabed.


A bit of a theme with these blue words, is that if they describe the sea then you can use them to describe the color blue. Aquamarine is no different to this.


Think beautiful blue skies, palm trees, and rolling sands.


These blue words are just so pretty!


This is your ideal name for your slightly darker blue betta fish. Indigo is somewhere between black and blue.


A slightly darker shade of blue once again. Also good if you’re betta fish is in a military family.


Any links to the UK however small in your family tree? Go the full hog, and claim your fish is related to the Royal family.


Basically, pick a sea and call your fish that. Simple.


Or just call it Ocean. Job done.


This is a gorgeous blue element found in the earth’s crust. But of course, you knew that anyway, didn’t you?


Think Jason Mamoa disguised as a fish, and you’ve got your name right here.

Blue Animal Names For Betta Fish

Sometimes a fish might just look slightly like another type of animal. Perfect – you’ve got yourself a great name.

Sometimes they might look absolutely nothing like another type of animal, but you just like that name anyway and so call them that. Great again. Both work for me.


A beautiful blue bird (in case you weren’t sure).


A possibly even more beautiful blue bird. I’m pretty sure they flap their wings at like a trillion gazillion miles per hour, so if this sounds a bit like your Betta fish, then happy days are here.

Blue Tit

Er, yeah. Good luck with this one.

Rainbow Dash

Let’s do some imaginary animals as well! Why not? And Rainbow Dash is definitely blue.


This would be a slightly weird betta name, I have to say. But don’t let me put you off.


This is one of my favorites. This would really suit the kind of betta that swoops and swirls effortlessly around that tank, arcing and curling. Or your standard lazy betta fish would suit it too.


Another weird one! But don’t blame me.


This is an animal that is both beautiful and yet gets lots of people screaming if they ever fly near. The essential love-hate relationship perhaps. Could this suit your fish?

Blue Objects Betta Fish Names


Bit of a weird name, I have to admit! But pupils are sometimes blue, right?


Not just the name of your favorite cow in the next village, Bluebell can be a fish too.


Is the moon ever blue? I guess it must be, or why would that song Blue Moon exist?

Anyway, what a mysterious and beautiful name.


This is a kind of gorgeous blue gemstone. So if you think you’ve got a bit of a classy fish on your hands, then try this one out.


I’m pretty sure Neptune is blue (someone help me out here). And another deeply mysterious and other-worldly name.


What could be bluer than the eternal and deep endlessness of the sky? Your betta fish of course.


This is based on Levis’s jeans (clever, don’t you think). They are definitely blue I’d say.


Basically, think of any word that has a connection to water, and you have a perfect name for a Betta fish.


A wonderful blue gemstone to finish off this beautiful list. Good luck picking a name!

Brigitte Cave

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