11 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are So Cute

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two cute guinea pigs with garlands on their heads

Guinea pigs seem to score very highly on the cuteness barometer by many owners who adore them. The fact is most of them cannot work out why they are so cute! Or, how they got to be so cute. So here we have singled out 11 reasons why they are so cute, just to stop the confusion!

Possibly by the end of these 11 points, you could add a few yourself, particularly if you have owned a guinea pig. So, how many of the points do you think you can relate to with your own guinea pig? 

Reason 1: They Look Like Cuddly Toys 

Guinea pigs look a little bit like miniature teddy bears. Perhaps you haven’t thought about it, but look closer, they are living breathing tiny teddy bears.

Of course, they are not teddy bears. They are real animals with needs, and they should be treated as such, but for a moment basking in the knowledge that a guinea pig is like having a living teddy bear that loves you back. Now there is real prime cuteness in that!

Reason 2: A Guinea Pig will Give You a Big Kiss

Guinea pigs are so loving and affectionate. This is for real. They adore cuddles and will even kiss you. They move towards you and make loud smacking noises, so they are certainly not nibbling on you. Their tiny lips move backwards and forwards, so it is very different from a nibble.

Guinea pigs are one of the most loving and affectionate animals on the planet, and many owners report their guinea pigs not only love cuddling, but purring and kissing you too. This is the kind of action you should be looking for as their owner. It’s great to see when it happens.

Reason 3: Guinea Pigs Love a Good Nuzzle 

They headbutt you, which means they are telling you in no uncertain terms that they love you. Sometimes called nuzzling, you will find guinea pigs nuzzling their friends and family too. 

This movement is easy to spot. By using their head, they will gently brush against you. It is very specific, and it is the cutest gesture. Keep looking out for this move as it means you are doing something right as their owner.

Reason 4: Guinea Pigs Have all the Cutest Accessories 

By accessories, we are talking, little tiny cute eyes, tufts of hair around the face, wiggling noses and cute little bodies that wiggle when they walk, and they also purr and squeak from time to time.

Combined with their natural affection, this is pretty hard to resist for most people. Some people say they remind them of cute babies with their tiny legs and cute butt, which can look a little like a diaper from the back. 

Reason 5: With a Little Whistle Here and a Little Whistle There 

Ramping up their cuteness level a notch or two is the fact that when they are excited, little pigs will whistle loudly! Perhaps you are about to feed them, or they are just delighted to see you. They will then emit a loud whistle that is unique to guinea pigs. This only makes them even cuter in our eyes.

They will also purr loudly when content. Petting your pig and listening to him purr is probably one of the most relaxing activities you’ll do all day.  Oh, and the fact your guinea pig loves it all is just another extra bonus. [Source]

brown and white guinea pig

Reason 6: They Are Just Easier to Look After 

If you are wanting a pet badly, and you either live in a very small apartment or do not have a huge commitment to exercising bigger animals, a guinea pig is a good option, as they are a lot easier to look after. They are smaller, so require less space and have less exercising demands.  This makes looking after guinea pigs a breeze compared to some animals who do require a lot more care. [Source]

Reason 7: They Have an Array of Cute Moves 

If a guinea pig is happy with you, he will make all sorts of motions that are unique to them. Like bobbing up and down wildly. This is also called popcorning, or bobbing. They will chirp like a bird, they will nuzzle you or squeal. These are just some of the pleasurable things they will do when they want to show you how happy they are.

Picking up on these actions is easier when you get to know your guinea pig, and also when you bond with him. Pay attention to see which moves your own guinea pig comes up with. Each one is unique with their character and personality, so who knows what may end up happening?

Reason 8: When He Just loves You So Much 

Your pet guinea pig can feel so much love for you that he might even start grooming you, which is a huge compliment. If you are sitting there and feel little licks, this is what he is up to, and if he likes his guinea pals, he will do it to them too. 

If he starts doing this, let him get on with it as it’s something he loves doing and helps show he is very content with the world at that moment.

Reason 9: Guinea Pigs are Easy Going 

For the most part, guinea pigs are easy going. They love cuddles, they love food, they love spending time with their friends, and of course with you too. Each guinea pig has its own personality, just like us humans do, so it pays dividends to get to know him or her personally.

This goes for any pet if you are hoping to bond with them. Just as they are getting used to you, you should be getting used to them. Also, they are so cute because they want to spend time with us. They see us as their best friend, and how could anybody not find that to be adorable?

Reason 10: They Are Not Expensive to Own 

An excellent point to make in favor of guinea pig cuteness is that they are inexpensive to look after. They are fully vegan for one, so that means their food is relatively cheap.

They are content to nibble on carrots and other vegetables, which are cost-effective. Most of us have vegetables in the fridge anyway, so in a way they cost just about nothing at all. They don’t need a huge yard, a fence or any really fancy equipment, so most people can own them. They take up so little space. 

Reason 11: They are Very Easy to Train 

Whether you want your guinea pig to do tricks, like spin, high five, follow you or use a litter tray, they are very easy to train. Just a bit of repetition and encouragement, followed by a treat, which could be a nibble on a carrot, and you will get the desired action in no time at all. Simply because they are very intelligent. Be prepared to spend some quality time with your guinea pig in order to train them. It’s a wonderful bonding opportunity, and we promise that you will both get something positive out of it all.

As you can see from the points above, guinea pigs are so cute they are almost irresistible. It’s hard to determine exactly what their cuteness factor is, and it is simply because they have so many and different things that appeal to different people. If you could hear a cuteness argument taking place among fans of guinea pigs, you’d probably find a lot more than the 11 points mentioned above. 

It goes to show that guinea pigs are a very lovable, intelligent and fun pet. Plus, they are not much bother at all. You can get hold of guinea pigs easily too. Whether you are purchasing a new baby or if you would like to adopt an older pet. Even older guinea pigs are very trainable.

It’s also worth noting that if you clean their very simple cage regularly, they do not smell at all either. So this is why they are so easy to take care of too. Some people just need tons of cuteness, but don’t have much money to spend, or even a lot of time to spend with their pet. You can always get a couple at once depending on your space and accommodation, but they are sociable and do get along with each other easily. 

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