100 Unisex Rabbit Names (Disney, Famous, Cool+Cute)

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White and brown rabbit

If you’re looking for the perfect unisex name for your new pet rabbit, this list has the 100 best names we could come up with, from Disney characters to advertising mascots and every cute or cool name in between.

Disney Rabbit Names

Disney has some of the most famous rabbits around. If you’re looking for a name, they may be able to provide it.

1. Skippy

One of the Robin Hood sweethearts, Skippy is a hyperactive bunny who is loyal to a fault.

2. Clover

Clover is the sweet bunny of Sofia the First from the kingdom of Enchancia.

3. Thumper

Thumper is adorable name for an easily frightened bunny who likes to thump its feet.

4. Rabbit

Rabbit is a stubborn, fussy, lovable rabbit who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

5. Hopps

Hopps is the quick-thinking, fast-moving bunny detective from Zootopia, with as much sass as speed.

6. Bean Bunny

Bean Bunny is a scruffy, sweet little creature from the Muppets’ Christmas Specials.

7. Bambi

Bambi isn’t technically a rabbit, but the name is absolutely adorable for any rabbit.

8. Chip

Chip is one half of the chipmunk duo Chip and Dale, and is a logical creature with loads of character.

9. Dumbo

If your bunny has extra large ears, you should consider naming them after the flying elephant with the jumbo flappers.

10. Fidget

Fidget is a mischievous bat from the Great Mouse Detective who later reformed from his villainous ways.

11. Goofy

Goofy is arguably the most lovable, clumsy creature in the Disney universe, and he’s equally as loyal to his friends.

12. Roo

Roo is an innocent sweetheart and one of the main characters in Winnie the Pooh.

13. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee make great names for two rather scatterbrained bunnies who get into all sorts of hijinks together.

14. Winnie

He’s chubby, he’s kind, and he’s obsessed with food. If this sounds like your bunny, Winnie could be the perfect name.

15. Mochi

Mochi is a wide-eyed, cooing alien in Toy Story. A bit of an airhead, this could be a great name for any bunny.

16. Olaf

Olaf is loyal beyond a doubt, he’s hilarious, and he loves being around his friends. It’s a great name for snowy little bunny.

Famous Rabbit Names

Famous bunnies are great options for namesakes. Some of the most well-known rabbits around include:

17. Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a self-proclaimed super genius. If your bunny is a little smarter than he looks, Bugs is the name for you.

18. Babbitty Rabbitty

One of the characters in Harry Potter’s Tales of Beedle the Bard. Babbitty is an adorable name to any Potterhead.

19. Cottontail

Not only is a Cottontail a type of rabbit, its a great name for a bunny with a fluffy little tail.

20. Flopsy

One of Peter Rabbit’s siblings, Flopsy is a big, floppy eared bunny with loads of personality.

21. Hop

Hop is the name of the film in which the Easter Bunny’s son travels to Hollywood. Hop is also a sweet name for a rabbit who has a cute hop.

22. Miffy

Miffy Bunny is now almost 60 years old, and still as famous as her debut in the books by Dick Bruna.

23. Pantoufle

As an imaginary rabbit, Pantoufle captured the heart of Anouk, one of the stars of the movie Chocolat.

24. Pat

Pat is a fun-loving, outgoing bunny who stars in books for toddlers and infants, and found a place in our hearts from the first time we were introduced.

25. Pookie

Another star character of a children’s book, Pookie goes about righting wrongs and helping his friends.

26. Bobo

Bobo is a hilariously cute name for a rabbit. Bobo was the rabbit Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb kept as a pet and used in his magic tricks.

27. Carrot

Carrot is an anime bunny from One Piece with a big, fluffy tail, and is part of the Warrior Beast Tribe.

28. Mallow

Mallow is a character from Inky Fox and the Yarn Bandit. If your bunny looks like a fluffy, sweet marshmallow this could also be a great name.

29. Mimzy

A story about children trying to save the world, Mimzy is a stuffed rabbit they meet on the way who can communicate telepathically with one of the kids.

30. Jaxxon

Jaxxon is a Star Wars Lepi, who looks very much like a rabbit, and makes for a really cool name.

31. Raggles

Raggles is a blue rabbit who’s friends with Holly on the CBeebies. It’s also a sweet name for a ragamuffin bunny.

32. Flash

Flash is actually a pretty slow sloth, but the name is a great choice for a lightning quick rabbit.

33. Hip Hop

As mascot of the Philadelphia 76ers, and is the epitome of cool. If your rabbit is as slick as it gets, Hip Hop is the name.

34. Nesquik

The Nesquik bunny has been a staple since childhood. Also known as Quicky, he’s a super-fast fellow with a huge smile.

35. Trix

Trix is a mischievous rabbit who tries tricking kids into giving him a bowl of cereal. If your pet loves snacks as much as Trix, it could be a great name.

36. Coco

Coco is a young boy who loves music and travels to the afterlife in search of his father and family. Coco is also a great name for a charismatic bunny with a heart of gold.

Cute and Cool Bunny Names

If famous names aren’t your thing, one of these cute or cool names will definitely do the trick.

37. Oreo

Oreo is great for a sweet, black and white colored bunny.

38. Snowball

If your rabbit is pure white, Snowball could be a great name, especially if they are similarly as fast.

39. Springs

Bunnies are hoppy. If your rabbit is particularly so, Springs could be the perfect name, and sounds pretty cool too.

40. Cheerio

Cheerio may be the name of a cereal, but it could also be a great name for a cheery, loopy bunny.

41. Boots

If your bunny has patched or different colored feet, Boots could be perfect.

42. Frosty

Frosty is another name for a bright, white bunny who could be mistaken for snow.

43. Q-Tip

Q-Tip is a personal favorite, simply because I couldn’t think of a name funnier or more adorable than this. I bet you can’t either!

44. Marshmallow

Marshmallow is a sweet name for an equally sweet, fluffy bunny.

45. Popcorn

Popcorn is unique, and a great name for a jumpy, poppy, fun-loving bunny.

46. Domino

Domino is great if your rabbit has black and white spots. The name is also about as cool as it gets.

47. Spot

Does your bunny have spots? Well, then Spot could be the right name especially if you particularly enjoy stating the obvious.

48. Dice

Dice is another awesome name for a black and white spotted bunny rabbit.

49. Coffee

Coffee is one of my favorite names, and would suit a rich, brown, fluffy rabbit wonderfully.

50. Taz

Taz is a funky name that would suit and equally spunky rabbit.

51. Pepper

Pepper is awesome for a grey, or salt-and-pepper colored rabbit. It’s also great if your rabbit is a little feisty too.

Brown and white rabbit stretched out on ground

52. Smokey

Another great choice for a grey-colored rabbit, with a fire in its step.

53. Misty

Misty is suited to a sweet, gentle soul, with an off-white coloring.

54. Muffin

If your pet is chubby, fluffy, and a real sweetheart, Muffin is definitely the way to go.

55. Toffee

If you name your bunny after this super-sweet candy, make sure your pet is just as sweet too.

56. Pepsi

Pepsi makes a great name for a bubbly, darker colored bunny that’s full of personality.

57. Lucky

Lucky is a great name for bunnies of all backgrounds, but it could be especially perfect if your rabbit has a story that shows just how lucky you or they are.

58. Dizzy

If your pet is a little clumsy, Dizzy could be an adorable, and very well-suited name.

59. Hopscotch

This is a great choice for a super hoppy bunny who loves using its energy for bouncing around.

60. Ace

If your rabbit is an outgoing, bigger than life creature, Ace is an excellent choice.

61. Iggy

Not only the name of a famous rapper, Iggy is really cool for a rabbit no matter what their gender,

62. Spirit

Technically, Spirit is the name of the untamable Mustang from Disney’s Stallion of the Cimarron. However, it could be a great option for a rabbit who has an unbreakable spirit too.

63. Rocket

Does your rabbit speed around your garden, faster than the speed of light? If so, Rocket is the name to choose.

64. Bugsy

If Bugs Bunny is a mouthful, Bugsy is a great alternative, especially considering Bugsy Malone was a famous gangster. Perhaps your bunny is just as cool too.

65. Milo

Milo is a pretty popular pet name, and for good reason. It’s cute, short, and suits animals of all species.

66. Sammy

Sammy is an awesome unisex name if you’re not going for something typically chosen for rabbits.

67. Scotch

Scotch is strong, distinctive, and also makes a good name if your rabbit is too.

68. Chubby

This one is self-explanatory. A chubby bunny deserves a Chubby name.

69. Rusty

If your bunny is a reddish-brown color, Rusty could be the right name for you. it also suits a bunny who is a little slower than the rest.

70. Storm

Does your bunny have a stormy personality and an equally stormy-grey appearance? If so, Storm is highly recommended.

71. Jerri

Jerri is a unique unisex name that could suit a bunny just as unique.

72. Licorice

Licorice is a wonderful name for a black bunny who is as unusual as the flavor of the candy.

73. Woozy

Woozy is another great choice for a clumsy bunny that is a little too ditsy for its own good.

74. Blur

Does your bunny rival Speedy Gonzalez? When it gets out into the garden is all you can see a blur? The this may be the right choice for you.

75. Shadow

This is great for a darker bunny who likes hiding in the shadows, too.

76. Butterscotch

If your bunny is buttery yellow, Butterscotch will suit them perfectly.

77. Nutmeg

A spicy name for an especially spicy, and feisty bunny.

78. Poptart

Poptart is great name for a sweet bunny that also loves hopping and popping about.

79. Snickers

The name of the candy bar is just as great for a bunny who keeps you laughing at its antics.

80. Blinky

Although rabbits only blink about ten times an hour, Blinky is a really cute name for a bunny despite it not describing them at all.

81. Chocolate

If your bunny is the same color as chocolate, this is the right name for you.

82. Cinnabun

A cute play on cinnamon but for a bunny, Cinnabun is very cute, although the name may be a little corny.

83. Whiskers

A wiggly, twitchy nose is one of a rabbit’s most iconic characteristics. Whiskers could be the perfect way to highlight this this adorable trait.

84. Zucchini

Alright, alright, zucchini is a vegetable, I know. But it also makes a freakishly cute name for a bunny if you’re looking for something unusual.

85. Gizmo

Gizmo is perfect for a twitchy, cutesy, precocious bunny with loads of energy and attitude.

86. Bleep

As much as I love names with deep meanings, Bleep is a relatively meaningless, but incredibly adorable name for any bunny.

87. Inky

Inky is an excellent pick for a jet-black bunny.

88. Sonic

Another choice if your rabbit likes to race itself all through your house or garden. Sonic suits a sonic-speed bunny.

89. Jazz

Jazz is a unique, edgy name that could fit any bunny really well.

90. Pip

If your bunny is a bit of a pipsqueak, this may be the way to go.

91. Squash

Another adorable choice for a chubby bunny you just want to cuddle and squish all day long.

92. Blackjack

Yet another excellent choice for a jet-black rabbit.

93. Scamp

Just as the name suggests, Scamp is a great name for, well, a scamp.

94. Hopalong

Hopalong is a little corny, but could be really cute if your rabbit is an avid hopper.

95. Wonder Bunny

If you think your rabbit is the best thing since sliced bread, choose Wonder Bunny.

96. Flake

Flake doesn’t have much meaning behind it, it’s just a really cute name.

97. Mopsy

The other half of Flopsy, Mopsy is a great name for a clumsy little bunny.

98. Squeak

Squeak is a great name for a bite-sized bunny, or the other half of Pip, to make Pipsqueak.

99. Izzy

A common pet name, Izzy is great for bunnies of any gender.

100. Atilla the Bun

It’s not only a great play on words, it’s pretty darn cute.

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